Budget F.A.Q.

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, like all state institutions, is appropriated funds for two fiscal years. The next two-year budget cycle begins September 1, 2013, and ends August 31, 2015.  The 83rd Legislature, which began meeting January 2013, as of May 2013 presented a budget for the Governor’s approval.

I want to keep the campus as informed as possible and ensure that accurate information gets to everyone as we learn what level of funding we will receive and develop our plans for budgeting.

If you have a question regarding budget issues, would like to check out the facts on something you’ve heard, or have a suggestion for managing our resources, you can send your questions or suggestions to budgetfaq@tamucc.edu.

Flavius C. Killebrew

Other Resources

PWC Report - March 2015 (pdf)

Budget Update, June 2013 (pdf)

Guaranteed Tuition Fee Plan (pdf)

At the Faculty-Staff meeting on January 10, 2011, President Killebrew presented information on the current budget reductions, our total funding picture, "best guess" funding gaps for the next biennium, and how we plan to address them. You can view the information here:
Budget Slides from 1-10-2011 Faculty Staff Meeting (PDF)